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Magical 3D Robot - BeepBox

Discover here the Beep-BOX : a magician-robot!
This magician-robot, hidden inside one of these famous magic box used by great illusionists (from where lot of object can appear/disappear/ be fixed), explain at last more rationnaly how this magic trick is done.

Short movie. Author :  Cédric Vasseur



This room is inspired from all kind of magic devices: cups, balls, hat, scarf, deck of cards...
(See also : beep-back to the future where real robots are use during magic show in Paris)

behind the stage : Why  "beepbox" ? Because "Beep" / BeepMaster is my computer scientist nickname and magician nickname ?

Why a BOX ? Because the first big device I build myself was my first magic-box...

I hop you enjoy this short movie, that was a hard and long work to be created, days after days, pictures after pictures..

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[...] Great and nice universe [...] (lsp)

waouh !!! very nice I love the presentation.
One little question : how many time did you work on it ?
[...]great job [...]
Have you got other 3D movies like that ?
That be great to watch other ones(lsp)

A nice quality movie (lsp)

I loved it (lsp)

I adore it..
Congratulation for your work (lsp)


The movie is beautiful and well done it's obvious [...]

Hats off for that work ![...] it's beautifull and not easy to do[...]
with no lie : your movie is excellent [...]

[...] I experienced a moment of magic in a magical world !
one more time "Bravo"! (lsp)

Bravo for this movie Cédric (lsp)

What a nice creation !
I agree with what has been said, there are a lot of magic in this short film, it's beautiful! (lsp)

Bravo again for your work and creativity  (lsp)

La Séquence du prestidigitateur
Selected video and published after voting of a jury of magicians.


Do not hesitate to send me your comments



un bras robotique récupère une carte dans un jeu Watch other pictures from beep-back to the future

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