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Karine Journalist - TVA Quebec- TVShowCyberclub-1998
Cedric [...] he is a Genius[...]

Georgenie ( Magic shows in Paris )
[...]Here was a mentalist, a French cowboy, a mad scientist and a more normal magician, all performing somewhat eccentric but well executed and extremely entertaining magic [...]

Bravo bravo Cédric

W A H O U H...... [ this tonight show in (Versailles) Porchefontaine was excellent like ever ]... and the magic show :MA G I C..... BeepMaster.

Just few words to thank you for the magic show during easter egg hunt, children were enthusiastic ans that was a great success. (mail)

BeepMaster. Your website is really professionnal, technical and fun. Continue like that. I love your magic show toinDouble-Fond in Paris. You arean innovator, you find a new way to show your magic tricks (funny cowboyorhelped with robots) You are a genious, with computer sciences and with magic. Thanks again. (Mail)


A dynamic BeepMaster who know how to act and create funny characters. [...] the whole is consistent, very creativ and interact with public... what asking more ??? (lsp)

Wonderful moments during this sunday with all my friends (lsp)

Psychiadelic end for this first part with "Beep and Love" kissing the first row with a kiss of brotherly love. Flower art like during seventies and use of a special technique of the mysterious hand... for an original revelation. (lsp)

[...] Pause [...]
Buffalo Beep come back with new pranks very "far west" always with a special ausio track with subtitles this time... :-) (lsp)

A great night (lsp)

Cédric-beepmaster, for yout last show in Double-Fond. Très bonne idée your "hippy" show and although the famous crazy cowboy We really love your tricks, funny and well-executed . The one with the card in the behind (hum!) is a new great idea. And with your bank-note printer will be very usefull. Congratulation cowboy !!! Tell it with flowers !!! (mail)


To conclude : A big BRAVO !

John - 06/2008

Beepmaster makes me laughwhen he arrived on stagelike a living Cartoon!
Wonderful gun ( not a smith&Wesson, but a Toy'R US).
The magic trick with water fool at meI didn't know that trick at all. (lsp)

Hilariousentranceof BeepMaster, the professionnal grimacing guy with 1001 decks of cards. (lsp)

Matmago (magicien, le magnifique) 06/2008
Congratulationto BeepMaster, the modern cowboy...

CongratulationBeepMaster ! (lsp)

I adore your little robots and Manu (My husband) wait your show every time with lot of questions beacause you always make crazy things, that was cool and bravo to your assistant. (lsp)

Return to work with the Beep's Show. Movie [...] and lot of hi-tech technologieswith a lot of effects during well-done and nice magic tricks .

Bravo to BeepMaster for all that work done. (lsp)

A. Tivoli. 
And at last Mr Beep, only one word : Bravo, and some other words : creative, elaborate, thoughtful, may be more madnes with the character. (lsp)

When are listening a voice from backstage, intriguant, , a BeepMaster 2000, crash sound, and here we are carryed not to future but to the past, in the far west, indians, colts, Beepmaster take us among first pionneers. A spectator shoot a bullet to a deck of cards and make a very big hole in the choosen one, the cowboy don't have time to worry, he teach poker to the Sioux' big chief and hunt horses thieves.
That make thirsty, two inexhaustible bowl full of water, more BeepMaster drink it, more water appear. He kept audience spellbound with his performance, they asking themself how this cowboy can come back home. The heroe reassure his audience, he have got his BeepMaser-2000 new verion with Ali Bongo's pompon, where he mix up days, hours, minutes and seconds in a crazy journey.. Bravo COWBOY !! (lsp)

After a short break, here come the Beep with a lot of effects mixing roboticsand computer sciences following a goal :time travelwe guess the mad scientist hidden behind these hitech inventions

BeepMaster, thecowboy we loved during season 3. (lsp)

BeepMaster, the time travelled cowboy, the gun was fake ?Fun and Magic, it 's really nice. I think that you really bound my girldfriend with your ropes and vanished her after, the magic trick failled because ropes just detach themselves. Not joking : I speak with new spectators :They ( men and women ) were enchanted. And asking more show.(lsp)

Really excellent !!!
Bravo (CM)

Yes really nice websiteit's greatwhat you can do with your computer : are you coming from thefuture or what ? lol! (cm)

Surprising website full of a kind of poetry. Talented !
Best regards (CM)

Real great website ! I love the theme about new technologies.
Wonderfulcoolthe3d applicationwith 2 webcams red/blue !

Really super, continue like that ! (cm)

Eric : souvenir from an evening in Double-fond

Congratulation !

Congratulation amigos !

Bravo : are you working in entertainment ?
In any case, that was very professionnal. (cm)

Beepmaster : the come-back of the space-travel-cowboy. Same introduction like his last show, and i'm loving it! [...] the character isnice.(lsp)

Team from "Paris Magic Challenge", PMC
Thank to you Cédric Vasseur to perfectly playing your role of "stage coordinator". (CM/PMC)

Bertrand Gille, PMC
Fortunatly Beepmaster aka Cédric Vasser was here. He do a huge job in backstage, really a big "thank you" Cedric !!! (cm)

At last, Thankto Cedric Vasseur. Whatworkin backstage! More than 3 hours in taht heat, you are anHeroe.

Marty  , PMC
Beepmaster : you impressed mewith yourstoicism and yourfast abilityto manageall kind of issues.Imperturbablethat guy. (LSP)

Elgic, PMC
It's clear that Beep do a great job. (lsp)

Spiouf, PMC
in any case you really provide a great job in backstage, sincerly we do not often meet people so consciencious and so attentive to artists
That was a pleasure !! (LSP)

F.Olicard, PMC
I take advantage to read you on LSP to congratulate your work in shadow you done, impressive, reallyBeepMaster

Niko, PMC
Your SEN touch impress me. [...] I hop to meet you soon

thank to your help during this evening, you were essential.

Europe 1 Journalist- Internet-Day - March 1999
Guests are expert too, able to share highly-specialized informations with their host
[...] Cédric... Internet is his drug

Bertrand Gille(Paris Magic Challenge President)

[...] I have to say that super-Cédric (BeepMaster) realized a great job in backstage. Handyman, in charge of curtains, fluidity between the different show and to clean-up the stage : hat off to that guy who accomplished a work like a TITAN! [...] ( CM )

robot  avec stylo en or dans la pinceYou too ! Do not hesitate to send your comments !

Thanks to you sincerely for your comments that are to me... magics...


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